Image of The Wine Zine, Issue 04.

The Wine Zine, Issue 04.


The Wine Zine is a biannual print publication about the culture, ideas, and people behind natural wine. Each issue features original content by writers, illustrators, photographers, and winemakers exploring natural wine, its origins, key figures, and thoughts.

Featuring Farrah Berrou and Ayla Hibri on Couvent Rouge (Lebanon), Kia Damon, Cole Wilson, Chelsie Craig, Cha McCoy, Jenny Eagleton, Daniel Fuller, Elise Wilken, Sydney Love, Marie Segolene, Alicia Kennedy, Harriett Gifford, Uznea Bauer, Photographer Sergiy Barchuk at Tessier Winery (California), Bianca Sanon, Karina Iglesias, and more.