Image of Nowhere Fast Black Friday Board.

Nowhere Fast Black Friday Board.

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Complementary sheet of Jessup with all Board Orders.

*The Edmonton tornado of 1987, an event also known as Black Friday to Edmontonians, was a powerful and devastating tornado that ripped through the eastern part of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and parts of neighbouring Strathcona County on the afternoon of Friday, July 31, 1987. The tornado remained on the ground for an hour, cutting a swath of destruction 40 kilometres (25 mi) long and up to a 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) wide in places, and peaking at F4[4] on the Fujita scale. The tornado killed 27 people, injured more than 300 people, destroyed more than 300 homes, and caused more than CAD332.27 million in property damage at four major disaster sites. The loss of life, injuries and destruction of property made it the worst natural disaster in Alberta's recent history and one of the worst in Canada's history. Then-mayor of Edmonton, Laurence Decore cited the community's response to the tornado as evidence that Edmonton was a "city of champions," which later became the city's official slogan.*