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Mark Gonzales Trade Book,

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Teaming up with photographer Sem Rubio, Mark Gonzales has compiled a thoughtful retrospective looking back at his long lasting, and prominent, career as the “Most Influential Skateboarder of All Time.” Widely considered to be the inventor of street skating, this book analyses Gonzales’ impact on the world of skateboarding. Mark Gonzales by Rizzoli features select interviews from peers and fans alike, featuring talks with Spike Jonze, Tony Hawk, Blondey McCoy, Hiroshi Fujiwara and more. Rubio and Gonzales worked together for over a decade compiling stories, photography, and insights into the history of Gonzales’ skateboarding, art and writing. The resulting compilation shines a light on one of the most prolifically innovative skateboarders of all time. For lovers of skateboarding — the art, the sport and the culture — Mark Gonzales by Rizzoli is an essential read.

208 pages.